Add a block button for each show & movie

It would be great to add a button that blocks any show or movie from coming up in future searches. So, for example, if I didn’t want to watch Master Chef, I could click a button that takes it off of the lists when I’m searching for new content. It would be amazing if all the shows you “blocked” were added to a blocked list so you had the ability to easily reverse it if you change your mind or if you want to look something up. Getting really high tech, if you could restrict the blocking solely to the “TV” and “Movie” screens, rather than the actual search bar on the main page, that would be even better. That way you could still search for all content if using the magnifying glass on the top banner, but when searching for “Trending” or “Popular” content on the “TV” or “Movie” screen, it will stop showing up. Make it more efficient to find new content without having to recycle through things you know you don’t want to watch.

A potential workaround is to create a custom list and add these titles to it, then “hide listed” from the search page. That hides any item on your watchlist or a personal list.

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That’s a great idea. Thanks! Going to do that in the meantime. If that’s the better way to handle it, then it would be a good idea to add a button that sends it to a “block” list, unaffiliated with the watchlist, where you can then filter out for that list like you’re suggesting. Like the recommendation button. So it’s super easy to take things off and they won’t show up on your regular lists page.

If I went that route, any suggestions on what to do if you wanted to look only at your watchlist, and not this other list, when filter for shows available on app providers. So if I wanted to look for my watchlist shows on netflix, it wouldn’t bring up the shows now on this block list I’ve created manually

This isn’t really a solution, as this would also hide all the listed movies or shows we actually want to see. So the workaround would result in the pretty absurd scenario of making the watchlist an alternative issue.

I considered to use my collection as a workaround, as this wouldn’t cause any conflicts with lists, but sadly there was no option to wipe out my existing collection.

So we absolutely do need some hide function. Just like there already are some for recommendations or progress.

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Even if you were to remove all of the shows and use the collection section, then sadly all of these shows you hoped to block would still get added to your calendar when you’re trying to find out when your actual show airs. Found that out the hard way.

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