Trakt lists in Kodi


I’m having some trouble syncing a smart playlist in Kodi with my watchlist on Trakt. I’m using the Tag Generator add-on, which is only successfully tagging the first 9 to 11 entries on the list.

When I look at the RSS feed for my Trakt watchlist, I’ve noticed the list cuts off before it reaches the end.

So there are two problems–one is with the RSS feed itself not listing all the entries on the Trakt list, and the other problem is with the Tag Generator add-on in Kodi not seeing or not tagging every entry on the Trakt list. The information I’m entering into this add-on is only the username and the name of the list.

So far the only method I’ve found to bring 100% of a Trakt list into a playlist on Kodi is to export the CSV from Trakt and insert the appropriate tags into my locally-stored .nfo files. This is fine for lists that won’t change very often, but for a watchlist I’d really like to have one that updates automatically.

Has anyone else found a way to get Trakt lists in Kodi that update automatically?