Advanced Search - is it?


The advanced search feature was the primary reason I did not renew my VIP membership a while ago. Today, I decided to take a chance and purchase it again and it still seems like it has not improved much.

Example: I chose Movies, “Horror” and released between 2021-2029 with no other options and only 33 results appeared. Has there only been 33 horror movies released in the past 40 months?

I also tried the “History” channel (all of the "History options) to find all of the shows I enjoy on that channel and only 13 results

Am I doing something wrong?

What is the initial page you are filtering? For example, if you’re starting on the trending page the results will be limited to start. I’d try using the popular page and applying filters to that.

Thank you! I had not realized I would need to change those options too. So, your limited to only those options and not search the entire website for all horror movies no matter what initial page you are on? Or, would searching through each initial page option on the left yield every possible/all horror movies that are on Trakt?

You can do a search without applying any query, and can apply advanced filtering there too. However, that’s pretty much the same as using the popular page since we need to have some sort of default sorting with a blank query.