Airdates for non US countries

Is there a way to have trakt use the airdates that are relevant for my country?

Am I missing a setting somewhere to make this possible? I live in Sweden which is set in my profile. I’ve also selected my services in the settings but the airdates are still wrong for me.

It just converts to the timezone you’re in for the original airdate. I don’t think it’s possible to show airdates for when an non-Swedish show airs on a Swedish network, since that info isn’t stored on TMDb either.

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Yeah, I believe you’re right. I found this now

Well, that’s a disappointment. I wonder if it would work to make localized airdates a feature request or if there aren’t enough non US users, maybe.

I definitely think it would be neat, but also it would be more difficult to verify wether the non-original (foreign) airdates are correct.

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Done :white_check_mark: Feature request: Localized airdates

I thought a feature request on TMDb hihi.
'cause I don’t think Trakt will supply the info themselves you know. Maybe if there’s a different site that has localised airdates? I have no idea though… don’t think imdb has it. And that’s basically where my knowledge of TV databases begin and end.

Maybe TV Maze could work, but for Netherlands for example (my country) the list of channels/networks is super… incomplete.

But perhaps it really only shows first airings, and NL just doesn’t have a lot of “new” content? I doubt it really…

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Yeah, I was thinking that I am a Trakt customer so making my feature request here. Also assuming they are the experts on how this could possibly be solved (where to get the data). I’m sure it’s not an easy task though since they depend on data from 3rd party (3rd parties). But it definitely is a drawback not to get the correct airdates as a user.

We’ve looked into this before, but there isn’t enough data to do this. It would need a TV guide to provide this type of data and that doesn’t really exist on a global scale.

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OK, Thank you for your reply. Let’s hope it will be possible in the future :+1:t4::blush::pray:t4:

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