TV Show Timezone

Would be great if we can associate a timezone for a tv show and then show it adjusted for a users timezone.

Unfortunately TMDB seems to not want to do this: TV Show Episode Timezone - Talk — The Movie Database (TMDB)

I believe Trakt can build on top of this by storing a mapping of network default time zones and then converting from there. It sounds like one of those things were 20% work will get 80% of the required results.

We use the original country to determine the original Timezone for a show. If the country is wrong, please report the show and our moderator can adjust it. Do you have a specific example of a show with incorrect info?

Hmm… it does look like trakt is trying to add a timezone. But its not localizing correctly?
My timezone in settings in set to PT

Example: Foundation 2x05 "The Sighted and the Seen" - Trakt
Renders August 11, 2023 12:00 AM
With span:

<span class="convert-date" data-date="2023-08-11T07:00:00Z" data-timezone="Europe/Dublin" data-format="LL [time]">August 11, 2023 12:00 AM</span>

None of TVDM, IMDB or TMDB report any timezone or time for it. Neither does Apple at least from what I can tell.

This may not be a trakt issue because there is conflicting info online, but I have been watching the episodes thursday nights so I am wondering if apple release them 12AM ET.

I think it picks the timeslot from tvdb. Fridays 12:00AM. But it shows as 9:00 for me. The origin country is Ireland. And that’s the same time zone as me according to the timezone picker at profile settings. I thought Ireland had the same timezone as UK. Which would be 1 hour back compared to NL.

But it shows with 9:00AM on Trakt for me.

So it’s a bit weird indeed.

A lot of shows without purposefully set broadcast times default to midnight of the set release day. So some (not all) of the shows you follow are being corrected to your time zone and appearing on the wrong date as a result.

I believe Foundation is set up correctly. Apple shows in general get adjusted by our moderator since they generally air at 12AM Eastern Standard Time. We get the air time from several places, but ultimately you can “report” the show if you think it’s incorrect and provide us with info on the correct airing time and country.

If it’s set to show 12AM ET, I should see it as 9PM PT right? But that doesn’t happen.

The original country is set to Ireland (which appears to be correct). Only US shows will adjust for Pacific time.

I don’t understand why original country is a limitation to adjusting timezones?

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