Announcing Rippple for the Mac

Hey everyone :wave:,

I just wanted to make sure everybody is aware that Rippple is now also available on the Mac App Store!

Rippple is a third-party Trakt client that is born on the iPhone, then made its way to the iPad and finally landed on the Mac.

The app feature-set is growing fast. You can already do a lot and we plan to add some nice Rippple-original features soon.

The full changelog is available here (yes, we’ve been busy): Rippple updates
App Store link (the app is free with limited features, unlock everything with a subscription or one-time purchase, free-trial available):
Follow (and ask everything you want to) us on Twitter:

And don’t hesitate to ask questions or anything here! I’d love to have your feedback.




I’m so sad about my iMac not being compatible with Big Sur. :sob:

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I haven’t updated to Big Sur yet, but will definitely check this out when I do in the new feature! Great work :100:

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