🆕 Rippple 6.6 improvements

Hey all :wave:,

Rippple 6.6 is here with:

  • new recommendation rows in Browse,
  • save and share poster images,
  • people and tagline improvements,
  • a new and quick way to rate multiple episodes,
  • a brand new login experience,
  • new notification types,
  • notes and “where to watch” where it makes sense,
  • and more, much more!

The full change log can be found here: Rippple updates
The App Store link if you want to take Rippple for a spin, update or rate/review it: https://trakt.tv/a/rippple
Follow on Mastodon: https://mastodon.social/@ripppleapp
Or Twitter/X: https://x.com/ripppleapp

:hugs: I’ve been improving the app with users feedback since 2018. I’m open to questions, remarks and feedback!

Enjoy Rippple!



I’ve been using this app for that long! Crazy! Rippple is the best place for comments IMO. The rest of the app is awesome too, but I love it most for comments.


best app out there (sorry trakt).
Still waiting for that wallpaper screen to screen movies posters like movist :rofl:


@great_vc @JBaby_9783 you guys are the best! Early adopters AND still going strong with awesome feedback!!

I’m planning some cool updates around comments and notes. Comments is how Rippple started, I’ll try to stay on top of that :blush:

I also may or may not have a good idea for the wallpaper screen :face_with_peeking_eye:

Stay tuned!


Since the new ripple update all of my ripple and trakt data has disappeared. Anyone have an idea how to fix that?


I think the best would be to contact Trakt here https://support.trakt.tv for this kind of things. They’ll have the bigger picture and be able to help.

Don’t hesitate to come back to me if Rippple is at the source of your issue :sweat_smile:



what do you mean trakt data ? you login on the site and you do not have any history ?

Ripple cannot do that, especially now in v2 of trakt i remember specifically a case with an old app which has sync with tract through cloud and i had lost all my history due to that app. So i had contacted Kevin and ask about that and said that thery are many failsafes that prevent this to happen. And i do no not thing is longer possible.

Can you try login again from a icognito window, maybe something with caching.