Automatic Backups

Happy to announce we have automatic backups of all your Trakt data! Connect Dropbox or Google Drive, then schedule weekly or daily backups. I’m planning to look into Email, Box, and Microsoft OneDrive as backup services too.


Email and Microsoft OneDrive are now available as options.


how can we just export

Right NOW?

no idea what time zone the scheduler is using tried getting something sent within the hour but nothing happens

well at least it’s a start

I am hoping it’s going to be a rolling update, something that will only have weekly/daily changes / additions and not keep resending entire decades worth everyday/week

if not you should do some form of archiving so anything from previous years is together in bulk with just smaller additions

or else we will have to set up some form of auto-delete as well

It’s using your own time zone. A full backup is created since we otherwise can’t guarantee you’d have a baseline backup. It also wouldn’t really work if you remove data to have an incremental backup.

Your backup service should have a way of enforcing a lifecycle to automatically delete older backups. I considered doing more file management, but ultimately it’s way safer for Trakt to only add backups and not try and delete or manage them.

pCloud support would be awesome. Maybe you could add S3-compatible as well? Most of my backup data is in Backblaze b2 (S3 compatible) and would be my first destination choice.

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Indeed, S3-compatible destination would be my preferred choice too. :slight_smile: