Bad JustWatch Integration

I do not know if the JustWatch integration is working well in the US, but for Germany it is bad.
Last time I had to file 4-5 reports over about 8 weeks until the correct JustWatch Data was shown in the movie.

A Movie is shown ad “for Rent” on different platforms on the Movie View on Trakt. JustWatch says it is not for rent correctly. How do you guys fetch the data? Is it a Data Integration like TMBD?
The Update Data is not working to fetch the correct Data at all.

Is there a plan to integrate it? Or do you update that data manually?

Best wishes

Data is automatically updated each night from JustWatch. If you use the report button we can manually refresh if needed, or take a closer look to see if there are any issues with the automatic refresh.

If it is done automatically every night and or you take a look after reporting it, it is strange that it takes several reports until the correction happens.

We get automatic updates from JustWatch each night, so it depends if the updates are included in that data. It should be pretty in sync with the JustWatch service with what I’ve seen.

We can manually refresh data as well if needed, but it shouldn’t be needed. The first thing to check is does Trakt match JustWatch. If not, check the next day and it should hopefully have auto updated.

Ok, than please have a look on The Lost City (2022) - Trakt
I check that movie almost daily but the data is totally wrong.

In Germany it is not for rent on any platform, only included in WOW/Sky Subscription.
And this is for weeks now.

And this is only one example.

Does the justwatch website have the correct data?

As far as I checked with the subscription services I use yes.

We sync data from JustWatch, not directly from the streaming services. Does JustWatch have the correct links on their website? Or is there a difference between the Trakt website and JustWatch website?

It looks like on the JustWatch page, it correctly shows that the movie is only available to buy from the various services, but on the Trakt JustWatch popup it is showing that it is available to both rent and buy from those services.

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After Mutantpanda gave you even more hints you are silent now?
I get it, you had much trouble restoring the database and so on.
But you were silent before the database crash and I assume you can have a look into that issue again now?
Hope you can solve it. Would love to rely on Trakt on this data again.

Next Movie with bad data again:

You state that it can be seen for rent at Magenta Germany.
JustWatch says only buyable and Magenta says that as well.