Buffer time range for Plex Scrobbler

It would be great in Plex scrobbler settings to have an option to set a buffer time range when same item should not be tracked as played. It often happens late in the evening I fall asleep and movie or episode finishes playing. Next evening I just finish it watching and scrobbler logs a second play. Would be great, if I set this buffer for eg. 3 days, it wouldn’t log a second (or any other) play for 3 days since that last play. After three days it should log as normal and then again pause for 3 days.

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We have protections in place to not allow the same item to be scrobbled 2 times in a row. If you’re watching other items in between the 2nd time, then it would allow the new scrobble. I see the issue, but I think it would ultimately cause more issues to ignore scrobbles in this way since it’s technically valid to have 2 plays.

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