Plex Server not scrobbling collected items to Trakt

Hi all,

I’ve been using Plex and Trakt for a while now. I also have Mediaportal which works perfectly with Trakt, all features.

Since usjng Plex, after the Trakt plugin stopped working, I used Webhooks. All the scrobbling of play, pause, stop, and show watched is working perfectly. The collected is not working at all, and never has (I just assumed because it was beta, the feature didn’t work) but after reading posts, I found that it works for other users.

I checked my Webhooks settings on Trakt, and all are ticked. I double checked my Plex server and the settings are correct.

I have Plex Pass and Trakt VIP.

My Plex server version at the moment is But I have performed a few upgrades on Plex server and the collected has never worked for any new episodes or movies since I activated the Webhooks. I used to rely on Mediaportal to do that for me, but for now, that PC is in storage.

I run Plex on Windows 10.

I have looked at logs, but I’m not that good at this sort of thing, though I have an IT background.

Can anyone assist, suggest, or post any forum topics that I may have missed?

Thank you in advance.

Do you have push notifications turned on in Plex? I was having the same problem until I turned that on. For some reason the collected scrobble is tied to the push notification setting, but the watched and rating scrobbles aren’t.

The collection will only scrobble when it is seen by Plex as new, so it only picks up additions to your library, as far as I can tell it can’t scrobble your existing library as collected. I’ve also noticed that it has trouble with scrobbling multiple episodes from the same season. If there is only one or two episodes added in a scan, those will scrobble, but if there is a whole new season, it won’t.

Yes, there is a bug with the Plex webhook if more than one episode of a show is added to the library at the same time. I’ve posted in their forums many times, but they don’t interested in fixing it unfortunately. We need them to send a webhook for each episode individually, or include detailed episode info in the show level webhook.

Something has happened, my seasons of House have scrobbled as it came up with episodes missing from collection which wasn’t there before, as well as 1 episode that was not watched. Very weird, maybe you shook something loose when trying to sync my collection? I didn’t think it could scrobble what I already have. Also, I checked my Plex and NAS, and the episodes are actually missing from my collection, so it is accurate, just weird it popped up tonight!

I checked for pushed notifications on my Plex server and it is actually off… Whoops. I swear I checked that setting in the past to ensure it was on.

I’m now hesitant to have Plex scrobble collected as you mention with the issues, as well as does it remove it from Trakt if I delete it from my Plex server? Mediaportal does a perfect job of scrobbling all information, maybe I will wait till that system is running again.

I believe the show House is getting migrated to TMDB today so it’s still in that process.

I think Plex might reset some webhook related settings when it gets updated to a new media server version. You can also look into a project called PlexTraktSync.

Hey, thanks for the info. My House series showing up like that make sense from your explanation.

If I didn’t have Mediaportal I would look into this plugin. I’ve had one in the past that worked great, with 2 way sync, but it broke a while back.

So in closing this topic, I’ll wait for my Mediaportal PC to come out of storage, and hope the Web hook gets better. It’s also a little less complicated of a setup, as I believe that Plex is kinda over plugins.

Thanks again for your help

Well I did a test. Turned on Push notifications on my Plex server (the one that was missing) then added 2 movies at once. They both showed as collected in Trakt, which was great!

Then I deleted the movies, and manually scanned my Plex movie database, checked Trakt, and it still showed that I the movies where collected.

I then let Plex do its overnight processing, checked again just now (night after) and no change, the 2 movies are showing as collected.

So, the feature isn’t working properly. Once collected, then deleted, it doesn’t remove it from. Trakt as being part of your collection.

So, again, I’ll wait till one day when my Mediaportal PC is back up and running out of storage and use that for Trakt collection.

Plex doesn’t send a webhook when an item is removed from the library, only when it is added.

Here’s a list of all webhook events Plex sends.

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