[BUG] Different years of VIP?

I noticed this morning that the profile page and VIP page shows different number of years as VIP. Not that it’s at all relevant really, as a developer it irks me though :sweat_smile:


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Was just going to say the same. Mine has changed from 5 to 3 years!!!

And what is OG?


If you hover it you get a tooltip “Original ViP Member” :slight_smile:

I’ve only been VIP since May of this year and I’m suddenly ‘VIP OG’.

Bug will be fixed later today.


I’ve seen VIP | EP badges too - what’s the Executive Producer status? :slight_smile:

They pay more: I think it’s double the price.

Are there any extra benefits - or do you just pay more to show more financial support? I can’t find any info on it (unless I am looking in the wrong place).

Bragging rights. :wink: Nothing more, but extra support indeed!