Can we get the old recommendations back?

I’ve been a member for 9 years and the reason why I fell in love with Trakt the first time around was that the recommendations were absolutely spot on. It was rare that I didn’t like something coming from there.

Since the new layout, that feature has been lost and what Recommendations are now seem to have nothing to do with the shows that I enjoy watching. I know that this has been a thing for many years I just only now thought about actually posting this question.

Can we maybe have back the old functionality that is more geared towards taking viewing history into account rather than (seemingly) overall popularity?

What did people who enjoy the same things I do like watching that I haven’t seen yet?
What are the shows/movies that people who rated other shows the same way I did like?
I’d love to set a quality filter, a genre filter, production time filter and maybe restrict it to my friends. (of which I don’t have many because there’s no point for it on the site)

Recommendations are one of the things that first interested me in Trakt. I ended up joining after it was changed so I never got to use it, but from what I had heard it was legendarily good. I actually have recommendations disabled because they have never been accurate for me or would recommend things I had seen already.

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It was extremely powerful. You could go as specific as you wanted or broad. If you were looking for a “sci-fi made in the past 5 years”, you could get a list of those (excluding the ones you’ve seen) and the top recommendations were almost always on point. I still believe it was the best feature of the service to date.


I also never felt inspired by the recommended tv shows or movies. I wish it would be more individual.


I disabled them too. I’ve never been satisfied with them either. I kept getting recommendations for stuff I’d never watch. And some recommendations just didn’t make any sense.