TV show & movie recommendations (dashboard)

Somehow I feel like kind of stuck with the ones showing the way it is right now. I know they can be hidden to show new recommendations, but then I have to bother myself finding them manually, because simply “unhiding” does not seem to be an option (or am I missing something?) in case I actually want to give them a try later - even if they could be unhidden that would still be bothersome imho. I’d rather have a “next”/back" and/or a “shuffle” button to go through them and then decide similar to IMDbs “What to watch” feature. Just my 2 cents.

cool idea making recommendations part less like a black box and giving us more control


Yeah! I like that.

It would also be really neat, to have like a little link in the bottom right that says “See more” or something. Which leads to a page with LOTS of recommendations!


I would also like to see more recommendations at the same time.

It seems like they should have their own tab at the top of the page next to the TV, MOVIES, CALENDAR tabs. There should be a recommendations tab full of recommendations based on our viewing and rating things in trakt. More than just the one row on the dashboard.

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Dashboard recommendations allows up to 3 rows to be displayed now. There is also a clear indication of the members you follow who recommended the movie or show.

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