Can't change settings anymore without adding birthdate

I don’t see a good reason why this is information my profile must have



I have a feeling that it may be related to this thread, Justin said he’s putting out a fix on Monday, so hopefully that will resolve your issue too.

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Sadly it didn’t

That’s unfortunate, I didn’t realise it was a new requirement, I haven’t changed settings in a while…I guess if this a permanent thing, you could just put a random birthdate in the field, I doubt it would actually have to be yours to work.

@justin can you confirm this is a permanent change?

@justin any update on this issue?

Yes, the settings page should now save correctly. However, we do ask for a birthday now to make sure we comply with the terms of our privacy policy.

Privacy policy doesn’t mention anything related to age at all. Could you please elaborate? Please clearly explain what the birthday is used for. Currently shown reason implies you got into astrology… I can’t see any reason whatsoever why you would need the date.

Section 3 of the privacy policy indicates Trakt is only intended for people 18 and older. Adding a birthday helps us verify that.

It’s intended, but not limited to. According to PP there’s still no reason to ask everybody for their birthdays

I suspect this is, in a simple form, and for lack of a better term “An ass covering exercise” for data collection, where I believe (no legal expert here) that collecting personal data from a minor (or someone under the age of 18) legally requires parental consent. If a minor was to enter an incorrect birth date, where they claim to be older than 18 years, I guess that would take liability away from Trakt, in the sense that the user lied, and Trakt itself did have a checkpoint in place to help verify. Hence why everyone is now required to add one.

This is a wild guess though, and how I’ve made sense of it (to myself :joy: )

In such case just a checkbox “I am 18 years old or older” would be more than enough


yeah I thought about that too (and here comes another wild guess lol).

I feel like the intention is not to say you need to be 18 years or older to use the site (I have a feeling a big percentage of the users aren’t, and personally don’t see why they would need to be). But the claim of “not directed to children under 18” (to me) in actual terms seems more like " There’s no age restrictions to use the site, but there is in terms of legal data collection" and I don’t want little Jimmy’s mother suing me for the automated data collection process.

I dunno, I’ll stop speculating now :joy: hopefully Justin can clarify more accurately for us, I too am not a fan of it, but I understand the potential implications of not doing it…I’d rather this then having to send Justin a selfie with my government ID and a piece of paper with my name and birth date written on it, like I had to do with the crypto exchange lmao.

That would make much more sense, than

To keep showing you the best TV shows and movies, please enter your birthday.

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If that is the intent, asking once to confirm with yes or no is enough. This is not a valid explanation for asking for a users exact date of birth.

The message has been removed from the dashboard and settings page for existing members. The birthday is used to verify ages per our privacy policy, and we have plans to use your age to personalize future features. We’ll revisit the requirement later once those features are closer to being released and be more clear about it.

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I hope it will remain optional as i am not interested in personalization.