Scrobbling problem with Plex

Hey guys,
I have lifetime Plex pass and Trakt VIP (small package).
I followed the instructions to scrobble by Plex but it seams not working.
I rebooted all devices but it’s not syncing with Trakt and I don’t know why.
Can someone please help?

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Ok, so you followed everything and when you watch something new it still isn’t scrobbling?
The first thing I always recommend is removing and adding the webhook again, then playing something and checking if it shows as watching in your profile.
Also in this page, is there message like this one?

Yes, I have Plex pass lifetime and Trakt VIP, entered scrobbler link at webhooks and rebooted everything.
Sure I have activated advanced settings in Plex. :wink:
I only can’t activate push notifications from point 5.
Watched some episodes but I see no difference at my watch history.
I will remove and add scrobbler link again and report back.
I don’t have a message like yours from Screenshot.
It seems something is wrong or I do something wrong

Same issues. Don’t see the option to enable push notifications on Plex

You can find it in Server > Settings > General
Like this:

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Wondering if the OP is still having this issue as I’m seeing the same. Lifetime Trakt VIP + Plex Pass, scrobbling hasn’t worked in a couple months. Thanks.

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