Consuming forum in RSS Reader

is it password protected? I tried in tt-rss, and it didn’t seem to accept password from site. I assume it doesn’t use basic auth?

The forums use single sign on through the Trakt website. I’m not sure how or if the RSS feeds will work with that.

yeah no worries, in the scheme of all the other problems you guys have just got over this is not high or worth focusing on

I went digging, it does not use Basic Auth, instead you need to register an API key. In the past you could pass this as part of the URI, but that seems to have been depreciated and now you need to pass the API key as a header (more secure, admittedly) so this is probably beyond what most RSS readers could do.

I was debating putting together a Cloudflare worker that would proxy the request adding my API key (for my own use only, of course, although the concept could be used by others), but at this point I’m not actually that motivated.

I was able to generate an API key using GitHub - KengoTODA/discourse-api-key-generator: A tool which generates API key for Discourse though, which is at least a starting point.

yeah me either. Most forums I monitor via rss, and it was only because I came on here because of th esite issues, that I thought it would be a nice to have.