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Hi when I download my History in csv form is there any way of getting the date & time I watched it to match my time zone? For example on csv a tv show I watched shows up as |2023-05-27T13:44:38Z] but I watched it 2023-05-27 11:44pm. TIA

Googled this awhile ago so I don’t remember how the first formula works exactly and it’s a little convoluted, but


to convert the trakt date on column A.

Change the Date formatting to “yyyy-mm-dd h:mm AM/PM;@” (under custom) to get 2023-05-26 1:44pm.

=+1+Time(10,0,0) to make it 2023-05-27 11:44 PM.

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Thanks so much I will give it a go

Nup had no luck. Made my brain hurt In the end

Anybody else please?

I’d ask ChatGPT how to format a UTC date to your time zone in excel (or whatever spreadsheet app you’re using). I assume there is some built in function to do so.

Behind the scenes, we store all dates in UTC then format them using your browser.

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Thank you :pray:

Thanks that gave me the formula now have to wait to get to a PC. The sheets or Excel apps don’t allow you to do something that technical

For what it’s worth I asked for a download of my Spotify history and used this formula to convert the ISO timestamp to a readable timestamp, in my timezone:

=DATEVALUE(MID(A2;1;10)) + SUM(TIMEVALUE(MID(A2;12;8));“1:00:00”)




2-10-2021 6:48:44

the SUM 1:00:00 is because im at UTC/GMT+1.

Thanks so much for going out of your way to respond

Merry Christmas