Dynamic Island / Live Activities not working

Trakt app will show something being played but live activities will not show anything on the Lock Screen. Dynamic Island shows a black dot indicating something missing that’s supposed to be there. Tapping the Dynamic Island will launch the Trakt app

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Mine doesn’t show the small dot your arrow is pointing to. Only the main area with progress of the show or movie :thinking:

How do you even get that on the locked screen?

The only thing I get is this:

When unlocked and on the Home Screen I get this:

I believe the dot means there are 2 live activities going on. So maybe the bug is with that specifically?

Nope, just one. Had to take a screenshot while it’s locked to be able to show that it believes there’s a Dynamic Island/Live Activities active. When anything is played, it’ll just show a blank area. If I tap the island area with nothing on it, it’ll launch Trakt

I’ve had my Dynamic Island crash a few times and only a full restart of my iPhone did the trick. Have you tried that? Might be that…

Restart my device every 3 days (even have a reminder set to do so) so it’s definitely not that.

I’ve submitted a ticket to Trakt support but I’m thinking my first step might just be to try uninstalling and installing since you guys do not have this issue which clearly means it’s not a recent software update that caused this