Emmys and Oscars integration

Are there plans to implement a section for won awards like Oscar’s and Emmy’s?

It’s a huge part of the industry and I was wondering if this is going to be worth adding to the site/app for you guys…

I actually discovered some very good shows on Disney+ due to their special Emmy Award section. This is something I would love to see on Trakt to be honest. Maybe a few of the biggest awards could be included.


I don’t think TMDB has this info, so integrating it might be a problem, but I would love it if Trakt were able to include even more awards than just the Emmy and Oscar winners.

It’s one feature that various competitors to IMDB (Letterboxd, etc.) have never really been able to mimic outside of user-made lists. If you go to various highly rated Korean shows on IMDB, you might find that they were nominated for an International Emmy or a Baeksang Arts Award. An Indian film might have various National Film Awards nominations. And then of course, you can click through to see the other nominees and award winners for that specific award show from that given year.

It’s a lovely feature for discovery purposes, but I assume something like that would be pretty outside the wheelhouse of important feature requests right now.

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I see your point.
The IMDB API is probably way to expensive to even consider which leaves TMDB.
Maybe someone at TMDB is interested in picking up this topic and start somewhere… would definitely add to their site and the trakt site.
But I agree it’d be a ton of work

There’s already a trello entry for it.