Episodes of new shows not showing as collected

I’m aware of the problems that collecting an entire season at once doesn’t seem to trigger the webhook accurately, but lately adding a new episode(s) of new series isn’t doing so for me either. Once I’ve marked the initial episode(s) as collected then subsequent additions are accurately reported as “collected”.

Not a big deal but it’s annoying. I do see the notifications from my Plex app that a new series or episode has been added so that aspect seems to work.

Multiple episodes still aren’t sent correctly (not just a full season), so maybe it’s the same issue? It seems like Plex has no plans to change the web hook after all these years unfortunately.

If it was multiple episodes at once I’d understand. The issue is only for a single new episode of a new season or new show.

What I don’t understand though is my Plex app sends me notifications and it sees them perfectly. They just never show up in Trakt until I’ve manually “collected” the first or new episode, then the pursuant ones always appear.

But I guess it is what it is. Plex says it’s Trakt, you’re saying it’s Plex.

FWIW I have added another webhook (link is in the first response to that person’s question) to my Plex after reading this post on the Plex forums:

After tracking everything for a few days and collecting a new episode of a new show , I can clearly see that the Plex webhook did in fact send all the necessary info to Trakt for it to be added yet it didn’t appear as a new listing (she show visible as added was a prior one):