Time between adding to Plex and appearing in Trakt

I am using the Plex Webhook method of scrobbling as of today after the old Trakt Plex plugin seems to be causing my server to hang every couple days.

I tested and it is showing me watching in realtime, as expected. I haven’t watched a full episode of anything yet to test that. I am seeing 415 and 424 errors in the Plex log, but I understand those are normal, per this thread.

However, since I started using it, I have added a few episodes of different shows to Plex, and only one showed up in Trakt. There was a five-minute delay between that one being added and showing in Plex. It has been several hours since the others were added and they haven’t shown up.

What kind of timeframe should I expect between an item being added to Plex and it showing in Trakt?

So after letting this operate for two days, here’s what I’ve found.

It’s catching some of what’s added, but not nearly all of it. It reflects 16 of 18 movies that were added on 3/31 or 4/1. (Part of this may be that two movies were not matched when added to Plex. That said, it did somehow get another one that was not matched initially in Plex but I fixed manually.) It got 5 out of 46 TV episodes. In this case, 16 of them were from one show that wasn’t matched initially, and 22 of them were from another show that was matched but incorrectly. I later fixed both of them. In latter case, though, there was an initial match, even though it was wrong.

I did notice that everything showing up in Trakt with a date of the 31st reflects a timestamp of 4:11 AM–when they were actually added throughout the evening of the 30th into the 31st in Plex–like they were somehow queued up and all added into Trakt at once. Of the 2 files (out of 26 added) showing in Trakt for 4/1 so far, they have two different timestamps a few minutes apart, both of which are hours after the files were added to Plex.

Obviously there’s a problem here. In the cases where I’ve added an entire season of a show over the course of an hour to Plex, it’s not getting even one episode. It did catch a few individual episodes of shows that aired the prior evening (not sure if that hasn’t anything to do with it, but it seems noteworthy), and most of the movies that were added.

Any ideas? I would like to use this more modern way of handling scrobbling, and I really don’t want to have to try to figure out why Plex was running out of control with the old plugin, but the way it’s currently going, I can’t rely on my collection being updated consistently.

ETA: For the record, the other episodes that were added on the 30th (the reason I started this thread) never did show up, either.

There is a bug/limitation with the Plex webhook when more than 1 episode of a show is added to the Plex library. Plex sends us 1 webhook, but not specific info on the episodes that were added so Trakt isn’t able to do anything with it. I posted a feature request on the Plex forums about fixing this.

The timestamp we set should be right after Trakt receives the webhook. Maybe Plex is saving them and batch sending the webhooks later?