[Feature Request] Filter Progress By Lists

It would be helpful if I could filter the progress view to only those items that show up on certain lists. For example, here is my default now:


But I would like it to show items on my watchlist (which are all movies):


Or only show TV shows from the list of shows my wife watches with me:


Or all of the above:


You can do this! Click the “progress” link from any list page or the progress icon from the all lists page. The progress only works with TV shows, there isn’t a concept of progress for movies.

I see, so it’s not in the UI when you follow progress through from the dashboard, but it is available if you start with the list.

It would still be nice to be able to see movies on the list that you have not watched yet.


You can filter a list to see that. Click the “eye” icon then “hide watched” and uncheck all types except “movies”.

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