Filters option to hide movies and shows that are either not streaming or not streaming on one of my favorites

When I’m viewing a page for an actor or director, or sometimes another user’s list, I would love to be able to click the filter menu and find things that are streaming on my favorite services, or just streaming at all, so that I don’t have to scroll through the list looking for the “Watch Now” button.

You can do that on any list page. Click the play icon, then choose the services you want it to be available on. People pages don’t have that type of filtering, although that is a great idea.

The people pages are what I’m interested in being able to filter. For example, I was looking at David Lynch’s page earlier, and he has a lot of entries in the first several rows that aren’t streaming anywhere. Adding a way to quickly hide non-streaming entries would make it easier to approach the people pages when looking for more things to watch by them.

Good idea. People pages will be updated later this week with watch now filtering.

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Awesome! Thank you, Justin!