[RESOLVED] Filter Shows/Movies by Streaming Platform in Lists

Based on looking through feature requests I can see (although unclear how still) that in certain screens a user can filter by streaming platform. Would be great to do this within lists also. For example, I have a list of “Recommended by Friends”, I’d love to be able to get a list of “Recommended by Friends currently on Netflix” (since I’m currently subscribed to Netflix). I can’t see a way to do this currently.

You can do that through here:

Thank you…I was clicking on the “Filters” drop down and not seeing it. Closing now.

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This would be useful in History as well. Sometimes friends ask me about good movies I’ve watched on Netflix for instance (cause that’s where they are subscribed to) and it would be cool for me to be able to filter my watched titles based on that.

History and all user sections have the same watch now filtering.

Sorry for not being specific, I meant for the iOS app. The ability to filter based on platform is missing in the History tab there.

Oh, yes the mobile app will need some updates to offer as much watch now filtering as we have on the website.

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Related question so keeping it here for the time being. Using these filters could I do the following:

Identify all shows that I’ve collected some but not all of and filter to a specific platform?

For example: I’ve collected Season 1 of Shadow and Bones from Netflix, I’d like to identify that show in the list because I haven’t collected Season 2.

The progress page on the website can be changed to display collection progress for all of your shows. That might be what you’re looking for.


That did the trick. You all continue to make a great product. Happy to be a VIP. Thank you!