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How do I set my avatar picture in the forums?

It uses your Trakt avatar, which you can set here.

Ok I set that today. I’ll check tomorrow and see if they synced!

I’m not exactly sure how long it takes to sync. If it doesn’t update tomorrow, I’d try signing out of the forums then it might sync on next forums sign in.

Sound good… I’ll let you know!

It looks like it’s syncing. Thank you for your help!!

Edit: And now a minute later, the right side avatar is changed!!

Animated Avatars (gif /webp) do not seem to work - so we’re stuck with the ones the forum will assign automatically instead I guess?

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@ZeroFux did it just auto update or did you have to sign back in to the forums?

@epikur I’m not really sure, I assumed any valid image format would work. We use single sign on with discourse and simply give it the URL to your avatar image.

It could have been automatic but I was also logging out and logging back in with private browsing to troubleshoot the incorrect time on the Add at Date option.

Would you care to investigate further? I’d really like to keep mine (animated) or at least provide a non-animated version for the forum in case this is needed - instead of being bothered with this one:
for the rest of my trakt-life.

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I also have an animated profile pic on trakt and it seems to be using my gravatar picture linked to my email. Would be nice if I could change it. Thanks