"if you like X" recommendations are kinda bad

Feels like every single show that has some element of sci-fi just recommends me GoT and Walking Dead, kinda boring when I in this instance wanted to find shows similar to Loki and just got these ones, again.


Agreed. Mine are crap too!


These aren’t personalized. We use the related items from TMDB if they have them. If not, we do suggestions based on the genre and popularity. Room for improvement though, I agree.


What about something like what anime sites do? People can add recommendations as part of reviews, or it can be a separate area dedicated to recommendations where people fill out why something is recommended. For example, for “Star Trek: The Next Generation” you might recommend “Star Trek: Voyager” and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”. People can then either “like it” or “agree” (only positive confirmation), and each time someone makes a repeat recommendation, their comment gets added. That all gets aggregated into a list of recommendations.


Try using couchmoney, it links to your Trakt account and you can filter recommendations. It might offer you more/better choices.
You can then find these in your “lists” section of Trakt.


Would you be fine with someone building a recommendations engine based on your data? Would everything one needs to be available through the API already? Or could be made available anonymized somehow?

Why not? If you can make it with the stuff in the API. Like couchmoney does.

I can’t seem to find anyway to figure out who has recommended/reviewed what via the API: https://trakt.docs.apiary.io

Why do you wanna make it if couchmoney already works fabulous for recommendations?
Like it’s fine to also make it, but if you don’t know how to with info from the API :see_no_evil:

This is what the creator of couchmoney mentions in their site. Maybe you need data outside of Trakt too? No clue.

How does it really work though?

Basically, it finds people with similarly weird tastes to you, and recommends films and TV that they like more than average people.

Lists are ordered by confidence. The first item is the strongest recommendation.

It looks for “diamonds in the rough”: lesser-known titles you may have not heard of that you may like. It recommends these more than well-loved blockbusters that you probably know about.

This evolved from the board game recommender I wrote for Reddit users, which I’ve operated for free since 2014 from my home computer.

I used to license my recommendation software to clients, and now I use it for my personal enjoyment. I’m happy if other people find it useful.

It doesn’t use an off-the-shelf engine. It was written from scratch in Java. It uses tens of millions of film and television ratings to compile its recommendations for you.

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AGREED! I mean idk if I’m in this boat alone, but I barely even look at my recommendations anymore because they are all sub 50 percent movies I would be interested in. Or, of course, every marvel or lord of the rings movie ever! :roll_eyes: In my opinion, couch money’s recommendations are subpar as well. I’ve tried multiple types of lists from it, and none of them have too many movies I would be interested in. I have a great system for recommendations, mathematically and theoretically speaking lol, problem is I know nothing about coding etc. if someone wants to help me build it though I have done some tests with it and I know it would work better than most options out there, shoot me a line!

We hear you and agree the recommendations need a lot of work on Trakt. A new recommendation engine is on our roadmap and we’re hoping to have some progress on that early next year. It’s not an easy problem to solve, but we’re continuing to learn and figure it out.


Couchmoney is really awesome. I integrated several lists into kodi. Love it.