Trakt recommender update (couchmoney) - TV shows now in early alpha!

I finally added TV support to my Trakt recommender, couchmoney. It is in early access and still missing several features, but if you’d like to try it out, just log in to and go to

Upcoming features include different list types and smarter defaults, but it’s pretty functional right now. I’d love some feedback from early adopters!


Hi there,
love your tool and it already helped me discover dozens of movies I didn’t know I wanted to watch.

I’m excited to try out the new tv lists but it seems like the popularity settings don’t save for those. I usually filter out obscure items but whenever I edit the settings for tv lists, the obscure filters are selected again.

Also maybe you could consider adding a runtime filter if you have the necessary metadata.
I’m always searching for tv shows (that I didn’t watch already) with episodes not longer than 30 mins like The Office, Friends, Parks and Rec etc. and a runtime filter for episode length would be very helpful for that.

Again thanks for hosting and maintaining your website!

Awesome! I’ll fix the popularity thing - not sure why that is happening but thanks for pointing it out.

Runtime is a great idea - I’ll need to look at the data to see if I can do that but I think it will be possible!

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The TV side looks very neat!

I wonder though, does it filter out shows which you have completed already? I’m getting a lot of recommendations in my " Based on recently watched" list, which I’ve already completed (except some specials).

For example:

Of my top two rows I’ve seen Yuri (Yaoi :wink:) on Ice. Baccano, Wotakoi, Usagi Drop and A Place Further Than the Universe.

Definitely not expected – shows that you have watched or rated shouldn’t appear. Will figure out what’s happening as I thought I had seen this happen before!

@lifeiscrazy - please take a look now, should be fixed but let me know if it still looks off!

Yes, it’s working like I thought it would again! :slight_smile:
Fast fix!

I’ve used it for 10min and already greatly impressed. Thx

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awesome, glad you like it! I’m kind of obsessed with making the greatest entertainment recommender ever, but really only because I want that for myself. If it can benefit others, that’s awesome! Any feedback much appreciated!

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Accidentally hit the link and started to install your app, OK no problem I’ll carry on and take a look because I want some recommendations and if these are personalised to me, great.

Movies populated and having a look, and I know it’s new to me, but how do you recommend things like animation, I never watch them (maybe 1 or 2 in the last 20 years) and also things like superheroes films, again don’t like them don’t watch them.

Looking at TV Shows Trending, half of the recommendations are ones I’m already watching!!

I’ll have a better look when on my PC (on mobile at the moment) but first impressions I’m thinking, I’m sorry this might not be for me.
Will have a better look tomorrow.

Edit, sorry just reread this and it reads really harsh as it’s your project but I’ll leave it here for now for feedback and hopefully update tomorrow.

Hi there! All feedback welcome for sure - I’d like this thing to be able to be all things to all people but that’s a tall order :slight_smile:

It seems like you have already add a filter to your movie recommendations to exclude animation. The engine may recommend things that you “should” like even if you don’t – the best way to train it away from titles you would never watch is to give them a low rating on Trakt. You may also want to exclude “Very Popular” if you’re getting too many blockbustery recommendations. Unfortunately Marvel has been so good at winning over viewers from all walks of life that superhero movies do tend to get recommended in spots where they probably shouldn’t. It’s hard to adjust for that.

The TV Trending filter is the only one that includes shows you have watched. I did that because I sometimes miss new seasons of shows I’ve watched in the past. I may be able to add an option to filter watched shows from trending. Trending is a brand new feature and the data for it is still being collected, it should get generally better within a week or two.

It would be super helpful to me if you can point out a few specific titles from your lists that you don’t like so I can look at why the recommender is recommending those specifically for you - it will help me make the engine better.

Sorry your first impression wasn’t great - it’s a continuous work in progress but has been great for my own viewing over the past 18 months!

Another thing that may help is creating much more targeted lists - I keep lists like “1970s Thrillers”, “Modern Horror” etc. The default lists are extremely general and don’t always work as well as filtered lists.

I really do appreciate the feedback, please keep it coming whether it works for you or not!

@simiansays thank you very much for the reply and also for taking my comments in the context they were meant even though my writing style comes across as criticism instead on constructive comment.

I shall have to have a look as I have been on Trakt for a few years and cannot remember what settings I have made so yes, quite possible I have excluded animation.
I understand why you have made the comment but if I do not watch something then I do not feel it fair to give it a rating at all let alone a low one. But if that is how your system works then I will have to think about doing that or live with the results. This is just initial comments on your response, so I can look in to that later.

Ah OK, I understand that because yes, sometimes it takes me a while to find that a new season of a show has started, although now I have started to use Series Guide which seems to indicate new series quite well. Again, will have a look in to this and see how it goes over a few weeks.

I will certainly have a greater look and provide some details on my “dislikes” from your lists if that will assist you.

I am not sure if you can see my Trakt lists but I do have quite a few of them, in particular my seen movies and TV Shows which is probably a good start on what I like and also a “No Good” list, TV Shows that I have started but just could not get on with.

Although I appear to have poured water on your list I am actually in awe of people that can create things like this as I have no idea where to start. Anyway, thank you for your feed back and I shall try and get back to you with some “less critical” comments that will hopefully help you and eventually myself too.

EDIT: I notice on your lists it says that to edit them you need to go to couchmoney. Is this a must to keep the lists correctly working?
As I notice that I am actually able to edit them in Trakt!

Thanks @changnoi, I genuinely appreciate the feedback. Negative feedback is the best way to improve a service - I love it and hope I can address it appropriately!

I did take a look at your watch history and recommendations and made a couple tweaks to the model that you seemed to be a victim of and that have been bothering me for a while. Hopefully they are better for you now, but as mentioned, I would LOVE specific feedback on individual “wrong” recommendations as that’s the best way to ferret out any weird bugs. It is a really complex process and so small changes sometimes have huge unintended consequences!

On rating things low you haven’t seen - totally understand, it’s not necessary. Another way to address it is to narrow the filters on your lists. As mentioned, the default ones are super general and most people would benefit from some more focused lists. For instance, me and my wife love mysteries, so “Based on Recently Watched - Mystery” is one of our most-used movie lists. It always has new interesting stuff.

On your question about lists - yes you can edit or even delete them in Trakt, but couchmoney completely deletes and re-creates them every time it runs for you, so any changes you make will be quite temporary. The lists regenerate fairly quickly after you watch or rate anything in Trakt - you don’t need to log back in to couchmoney for it to work. If you ever want to force a list to rebuild, just edit and save it in couchmoney and it will move to the front of the queue. Hope that helps and look forward to any other feedback you have!

just made an account to try this out, looks like a very nice addition to broaden the horizon on what to watch.
Only one suggestion so far, the list skips the last 1/2 years in the period. Changed it in this screenshot already for the movies. is it possible to set this always to the current year for the end of the period?
Screenshot 2022-01-01 at 16.00.31|690x425

Hi there, glad you like it! I’m afraid I don’t quite understand your question though – new lists will default to ending at 2022, do you mean that you’d like lists that were previously, say, 2019-2021 to auto-update to 2019-2022 as of Jan 1 2022?

it are 2 different thing’s I’ve noticed:

  1. If you look at the screenshot I’ve attached in my first posts you see that the TV lists all show ending at 2020 (no settings changed) and my movie lists shows ending at 2022 (updated the movie lists manually where it automatically selected 2022)
  2. is indeed the option to auto-update from 2019-2021 to 2019-2022 on jan 1 of 2022

Got it, thanks! I thought I did that for the 2020/2021 new year, but I guess not - will auto update all lists that end in 2021 to end in 2022!

Really awesome website @simiansays . This helps a lot to find new movies or shows!

This could be the site that really kicks off 2022!
Currently on the train and started the sync and so far looks very promising.

One thing I’m unable to find using the mobile is dark mode if available?

Looking forward to see what it shows and great work so far.

So happy I found this. I was always wondering why itself doesn’t have a good recommendation section like this, which is in my view is the most important thing for me these days.