Trakt recommender update III (couchmoney)

Hi all, seems I’m on a reliable schedule of overhauling my free Trakt recommender/list manager, couchmoney, every 9 months.

I consider this update the final beta. The data and recommendations are about as good as I can get them and they honestly beat any recommender I’ve ever tried by a country mile but don’t quote me on that. I use it almost daily for my own viewing pleasure and can’t imagine movie life without it.

So for any couchmoney users here, you should notice yet another improvement in list quality and size when your lists next update. Please let me know if you see anything unexpected.

For those who haven’t used it, is a Trakt recommender service I built for myself during the lockdown, and made public April 2020. It looks at your rated films in Trakt to generate lists of recommendations. You need to rate at least about 20 films to get good recommendations (the more the better). The lists automatically exclude films you have watched/rated, and are updated every few hours if you have new Trakt activity.

If you want to see what it does, here are some users’ lists and here’s my most ridiculous list, “Jason Stathamesque” - but maybe give it a try yourself, since reading someone else’s list doesn’t tell you as much as seeing it for your own tastes.

When I first launched it, I said I would keep it up as a service until the lockdowns/COVID cabin fever wore off, but I’ve decided to keep it running as a free service because I’ve become so dependent on it.

Let me know if you have questions or problems with it! Enjoy!


No TV Shows? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Great app - but would be great to see tv shows!

@Starminder @DipperDolphin - yes, TV shows are on the cards and is my most requested feature! I hope to get enough time to add TV support over the holidays (it’s a huge undertaking to get the right data).


Awesome - very much looking forward to it!

Sorry it’s been ages since I’ve posted an update but I was able to add TV show support over the holidays - they’ve been working awesome for me and I hope they will for you too!

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