Ignore diacritics when searching

I wanted to search for the Czech movie called “Hoří má panenko” (The Firemen’s Ball in English, see The Firemen's Ball (1967) - Trakt) but entering it as “hori ma panenko” doesn’t find anything.
Searching for “hoří” finds it correctly.

Diacritics should be ignored because they are mostly useless and make typing movie or TV show names annoying. This is also how most software handles it. Out of curiosity, I’ve tried searching on IMDB, TVDB, and TMDB right now and all 3 managed to find the entry even when not using diacritics.

Tried on the website and Android.

There was actually a bug with saving the TMDB translations and using those in our search system. The bug will be fixed later this week, and as movies automatically refresh their data the search will start working correctly. We actually already index titles without the accents, it just was a lower level bug affecting movie search more globally.


I wanted to mention this issue, with the search not being able to pick up translated titles from TMDB. I’m glad that it got fixed :+1:t3:

Thank you Justin, I’ve just tried searching again and it’s working as expected.

This is still an issue with people. Searching for “renee zellweger” returns three random people, but no “Renée Zellweger”. “Ursula Corbero” returns no one.

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Can confirm. Searching for “Hašek” turns up only people with “š” but not people named “Hasek”, for example.

I just checked and all my issues have been resolved.