Incorrect series being scrobbled from Plex

I’ve started watching Life On Mars, I checked in on my history just now and the Korean Life On Mars is showing up.

Is this a bug on Trakt’s end as the show appears to have the correct metadata in Plex.

I’d recommend refreshing the metadata for that show in Plex. It sounds like it might not have all the IDs we use for matching, and is doing a title match (which is less accurate).

I’ve looked at the XML for one of the episodes, it has a TMDB ID, is that the one that Trakt uses to match?

I can’t see any other obvious ID’s that it might match against, even after refreshing the metadata.

We use the webhook JSON to get the matching info, not the local XML files. I would assume it sends similar IDs over, but it’s hard to say without a specific webhook example. We don’t keep many logs for the Plex scrobbler, but I’ll see if I can find any info with what we do have.

Do you need my webhook or can you get it from the database via my username? Is there an email or something I can send it to as I don’t imagine posting it here would be that smart.

Please feel free to open a support ticket with as many details as possible, images and links, as Justin may not be the one that ends up with the ticket.

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