The Office (US) Incorrectly Scrobbling


Currently watching The Office (US) on plex using webhooks to scrobble, however its scrobbling a a different show.

Show watching: The Office -
Show being scrobbled: The Office -

I’m not sure where to start with this the only thing I can think of is maybe its on the plex side? I think I’m using their ‘new agent’ if that may be applicable.

Hmm, it sounds like the show might need to be re-scraped in Plex so it picks up the correct IDs. If it’s relying on a title match, that could be why it’s finding an incorrect show.

Scrapped, as in something I need to do on my end? Because I’ve already refreshed metadata, and before that I tried to do ‘fix match’ and use a different agent but it only gives the the option of one.

Hey Jamie,

As a test, you could try going to The Office in the Plex web user interface. From there, in the middle of the page under the show title, you can hit the triple dots → fix match → search options. On that pop up window, you should see a drop down for Agent. Change that to The Movie Database. Also, note what it was and let me know. I’m curious if there’s an issue with using Plex’s new universal scraper if that’s what it’s set at. After that, hit search and click the title that matches (most likely at the top).

This should trigger a metadata refresh, grabbing all the correct IDs. If you still have an issue with bad scrobbles, let us know. Definitely let me know what agent was being used.

Hi Sean, when I go to fix match, I only have one option for the agent

I’ve found this info on the Plex wiki where I can search using the the Movie Database id in manual match, I’ll try that and report back. Although I don’t think this is a solution you’d like as it still wont work for others that may have this issue using the default match.

I used Fix Match and put in the office tmdb code which worked fine, played an episode but its still scrobbling as the other show.

I had this issue with the Plex new agent thing scrobbling bad data to Trakt, too.

You have to go to TV Shows → Manage Library → Edit → Advanced and change Scanner to Plex Series Scanner (not Plex TV Series, which is the ‘new’ agent), then use TMDB and fix your show’s match.

If you ever choose the Upgrade Matching option, you’ll be back on that new agent which doesn’t have as good data as the TMDB data.

Ok thanks for trying it out. I’m guessing here, but I’d bet it’s the new Plex agent doing something fun. Ideally we’d have it work with that out of the box, but try Jeff’s solution and see if that helps.

We’ll need to set up a test box and see if we can replicate what is sent from the web hook.

Yes changing the agent it scrobbles correctly again. Hopefully you’re able to find the root cause and get it fixed for the new agent. Let em know if I can help out in any way.

@thatsnasty asked me to mention another show that exhibits the same behavior.

This show The Professionals - scrobbles as this The Professionals -

Again going back to the older agents it scrobbles correctly.

EDIT. Having decided to just use Infuse for shows that didn’t scrobble correctly I decided I may as well upgrade back to the new scanner. The show i mentioned now scrobbles the correct show.

No idea if Upgrade, roll back and then upgrade again sorted it or I was just lucky.

I have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes with plex’s new metadata stuff, so it’s kind of a mystery to us as well. It’s possible that when you switched back, it started to include all the external id’s that the webhook needs for accuracy. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the update though. It’s good feedback to know when others have the same issue.

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Just switched back to the new plex agent like Hitsville and can confirm it is scrobbling correctly for me too. Very weird. Thank you all for your time.

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Actually guys It may be that the next time that “Refresh Metadata” has been run it starts to scrobble incorrectly again.

@sean Would I be correct in thinking that this feature request (made by the Tautulli Dev) Add includeGuids URL parameter to return external Guids - Feature Suggestions - Plex Forum would help sort this?

Are you getting correct scrobbling after library upgrade but WITHOUT refreshing metadata?

I’m using the new Plex agent, and I have the same issue with “Playground”. I’m watching the 2017 Blackpills show, but it scrobbles as a Japanese(?)show from 2021. I don’t want to switch back to the old agent. I’d rather see a fix to the situation. As a Plex Pass member I already voted for the issue referenced in a previous comment. Is there anything else I could do to help?

When I upgraded the library to the new plex one I let it do a full scan or whatever it was doing and then tried the office and it scrobbled fine. Just then I went into the office and hit refresh metadata, then played an episode and it scrobbled fine as well.

Strange. I’m wondering if someone at Trakt or Plex has done something to remedy that show (The Office).
The show I mentioned still scrobbles the wrong show. @sean Any thoughts.

Hey guys. We’re going to have to come up with a way to add additional debugging for you guys and go through your scrobble packets. ^ @justin

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Will be more than happy to do this.

I just pushed a fix that should hopefully fix this issue. I added better detection of the new Plex TV agent, so that is correctly uses the episode IDs (TMDB, TVDB, IMDB) that Plex sends along. Sometimes it was getting confused and relying on a title based match. So in the case of “The Office” it might be matching the BBC version. Now it should use the IDs for much better accuracy.

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