Is it possible to add in bulk/batch all my collected movies into a list?

I’m trying to get all my collected movies into a trait list but I couldn’t find any options for that. I tried to export my collided movies as .csv but those can’t be imported. When I view under collection all my movies, I am also not able to bulk select them to add them to a list. Any simple way to get this done?

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Why would you want to make a list of you collection. That’s what your collection is for…

Let’s not facilitate more useless lists :pray:

check this Releases · damienhaynes/TraktRater · GitHub
it can do a lot of stuff such import

Why not, they are not useless lists, especially NOW, When hiding watched stuff are not working 100%

Lists can be imported by apps like Radarr or Sonarr. I am looking for a simple way to get 1000s of movies into Radarr & I haven’t found a way yet, at least not on a Mac. @great_vc I believe TraktRater is Windows only.

yes probably, but for such a usefull tool which so many import options you can make a VM with Win 7 and use it.

So I think the solution is in Radarr to add a Trakt user instead of a Traktnlist. That way I can import all collected movies.

Thank you for everyone who tried to help & chimed in :slight_smile:

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