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It seems they realised the mistake and split the episode into 4, as I just went to see that and it was correct: Animaniacs: Season 3 (2023) — The Movie Database (TMDB) (themoviedb.org)

They explained in one of the content reports from another episode that if there is a segment in the middle of part 1 and 2 it should be split into 2. If there wasn’t a segment in the middle that wouldn’t be needed.

My favorite part is how the fourth segment of the first episode is given a release date of February 24th. So on an episode that was released as a whole episode of a season that was all released at the same time the fourth and final segment cannot be rated unless you drill into the show’s page and ratings for that episode won’t show until another set of corrections filters down for on TMDB high or four days pass.

Where are the hidden cameras? All this has to be a prank.

‘HoW cOmE yOu dOn’T eDiT iT yOuRsElF_?’

Because the mod(s) of TMDB lock so many fields on what is suppose to be a user-editable database because they know their unpopular fringe opinions would be overridden by majority rule if they didn’t.

How long until Trakt admits that TMDB is a junk site and just lets its users input and edit data RIGHT HERE on Trakt? There’s a solution. No one here signed up for Trakt to be beholden to a completely different site with a completely different community that has a growingly incompatible set of rules that make Trakt less valuable. …And TMDB is effectively a competitor to Trakt by also being its own view tracker. I realize it’s a blow to your egos that you threw all your chip in with something that is turning out to be a mistake, but you have to at least communicate that you want to fix this even if you don’t yet know how.


The release date issue you are complaining about was corrected hours before you even posted this. There are very few fields that are actually locked on TMDB and it seems like 90% of the complaints are about how it handles anime. Maybe there is an alternate data source for anime that Trakt can look into using?

On the whole TMDB works pretty well and is easy to edit. 99% of the material is correct or easily corrected and the sliver that isn’t prompts a very loud response from the people affected.


We have considered making Trakt the data source, but ultimately decided against it. There is a ton of work and resources that goes into being a data source. The benefit of using TMDB is that it allows thousands of apps to use the same data and get all the updates and corrections. It’s not perfect, but a Trakt data source wouldn’t be perfect either.

Trakt pulls data from several sources, plus we have a great moderator in @Sonply working to fix up and correct hundreds of metadata issues each week.


Sorry to hear that.

And when their data is wrong, in cases like this purposefully so, in cases like this locked to prevent anyone from introducing sanity, everyone’s data is wrong.

As an artifact, yes. The only reason you don’t exclusively rely on TMDB seems to be because you have a backlog of pages still using date from TVDB (or something older). So why not -actively- rely on multiple sources? The lazy (but acceptable) way out would be to use TMDB as a base, and when there’s a problem they’ve put their foot down on not fixing, switch those specific pages to something else… or take them internal as a last resort.

You’re already copying all of that data locally to your site, you already ARE the source of all the data on Trakt. You simply let an external site constantly overwrite that data. The difference would be switching affected shows and movies to some other database or to manual editing and giving update duty for those pages to dedicated people with too much time on their hands. You would have people lining up to work for free.

I wonder how much effort it would take to prettify the internal tools your staff already uses to manually edit data so that it looks like the rest of Trakt and give specific users a link to them as necessary.

I like Sonply, too. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he was overworked as it is. Don’t mistaken our genuine complaints as a disregard for all the things you guys already do for us. It can’t be easy, but if we’re paying you for the service… don’t you think we should know what your plans are for dealing with this? Or at least some kind of confirmation that you want to resolve this issue?

And if you guys ever need another pair of hands, just let me know.


In my opinion, TMDB really needs to grow proper support for episode segments/parts, and let them be re-arranged via their episode group tooling over there. If they’re going to stick to broadcast ordering, allow people to read broadcast episode numbering and know how segments were grouped during broadcast.

Also, with that Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War example from earlier, that’s simultaneously a continuation of the original show with absolute episode numbering, a standalone series with relative episode numbering, and a set of 4 cours with distinct names releasing in different batches. Accuracy to the source means exposing that information. If their current schema can’t handle it, they need to improve their schema until it can. TMDB trying to solve all this with the episode groups hammer is the wrong call.

Would you consider adding an anime-focused source in the future that provides more useful data for series TMDB currently handles strangely? (I personally am a fan of AniDB, but I don’t know if Trakt could figure out a way to properly use their CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 data.)


Now, no news at all. Sadly that was to be expected from Trakt.tv and tmdb.

And how does that work on ANY 3rd party tracking app or even the official Trakt one?

We’ll add alternate seasons to the official apps in a future update. I’m also planning to add the data to the Trakt API. 3rd party apps can also get the data directly from TMDB if they need it before we update the API.

Hi, I just wanted to revive this thread as there’s another issue I’m having with the draconian content rules over at IMDB. As noted on their forums, the IMDB mods have decided to delete the beloved Critical Role series. I’m a Trakt VIP for 9 years now, I’ve been tracking Critical Role for several years, and I spent quite a lot of time and effort entering in the metadata for this show when it was removed previously with no explanation publicly available. Their contribution bible indicates that “web series” are permitted content, but then they are being very arbitrary about how they determine legitimacy. As a result of my attempting to prove that “real” studios are also releasing content only on YouTube, I ended up getting the series Star Trek: very Short Treks also deleted.

As an experienced web developer, I’m considering starting an alternative to IMDB so that we’re not beholden to TiVo Platform Technologies LLC (check out the Terms of Use) - what conditions might apply so that Trakt can use it as a source of data?

Nice and better then tmdb. Between Two dragons i prefer imdb. They havent Done anything wrong yet. The opposite of tmdb where they do Every wrong you can do in the Book of Movies and shows

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The challenge isn’t necessarily coding an alternative data source, it’s things like getting contributors, moderating data, and delivering that data at scale. TMDB has a lot of good things in place and delivers on all those fronts. That’s tough to replicate.

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You’re not wrong - and I don’t really have a good answer for those issues. The root problem is that TMDB is a front for Tivo to crowdsource their data for their set-top devices (so things like YouTube specifically don’t interest them). Even if I got an amazing setup going for contribution and moderation, I don’t have the capital to fund the kind of data scaling they can. I think the only realistic solution for the Trakt side of things is to pull from multiple sources, or alternatively to allow selection of a different Single Source of Truth for a series.

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TiVo only recently acquired tmdb though. And it’s very much still a one man job. Just Travis working on things.

YouTube / amateur content was never allowed. Also not on tvdb far as I know.
Proper web series. So non amateur. Are good to go though.

I don’t know any of the history of TMDB so I’ll concede that point fully.

The problem here is that professional production companies are starting to release series exclusively on Twitch and YouTube - such as Critical Role and Star Trek: very Short Treks. These aren’t amateur at all, and they are accepted on TVDB, but TMDB seems to take issue with them.

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TiVo only recently acquired tmdb though

Not sure if that’s true.

According to this thread, “TMDB is still operated under the TiVo brand like it has been since late 2014 or so” per Travis.

Here, “I actually sold TMDb in 2010 and since then have been acquired by larger companies 2 more times.”

YouTube / amateur content was never allowed.

It has been allowed for years until it gets randomly deleted.

Also not on tvdb far as I know.

They are.

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Honestly, the line between an amateur studio and professional studio on YouTube has been blurred for years.

PBS publishes shows directly to YouTube, for example.

Now, I understand if they don’t want a bunch of irregularly updated video essay channels, but something like Critical Role with a proper seasonal setup feels like it should beling.

Obviously, it’s their site, and if they think Dimension 20 being behind a $6/month paywall makes it more legit than Critical Role, well, I disagree, but it’s their site.

Regardless of TMDB’s policies, I hope there’s a way the show is still updated on Trakt. Not having TMDB linking the characters to their other shows is annoying, of course, but it’s as much of a show as any other live play.

Agree with every single point 100%.

I’m working on crafting a post on the TMDB forums to call them out on this, point by point. Hopefully that will get them to overturn the decision; but based on the hard-line behavior of their mod lineker thus far, I doubt it.

It seems to me that for now Trakt is falling back on TVDB as a source, which I can work with. It makes the app SeriesGuide (that I’ve been using for years to update Trakt) choke; but I can also bring up the issue with those devs separately and now that there’s an official Trakt app, I have more options if they don’t feel like changing. I don’t recall why TMDB is preferred overall as a source; but as long as I have a way to provide current data for these YouTube shows and a way to track my progress here, I’ll make do.

My advice dont. You Will just get banned and blocked

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