Ooh Man.... I liked The Old One Better

Sorry, I like the old forum way better!! It felt more a part of the site. I guess the old forum must have been too difficult to manage.


actually the old one was not a forum :smile: sorry @justin !!

You couldn’t search! which is THE basically tool for a forum, and this is the top of the cream as a forum software, you can do everything in a very very simple way with very extended capabilities.


I didn’t realize that…

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To each his own, but the old one was weird.


I like these typs of forum however the only major downfall, in my opinion, is that the limit on topic votes is waaaaay too mean. :expressionless: You only get about 5 votes, which only increases to about 10 even when your level increases. Perhaps the admin for the forum can change this but it’s certainly the case on the Last FM discourse forum.


However, to me, the old felt more integrated. It blended with the rest of the site really well. However, there had to have been a good technical reason to abandon the old message space in favor of this one.

This feels more forum like than the last one.

Also preferred the old design

I have used Discourse on other sites and I am not a fan, i find traditional forums much easier to use


I personally like this forum software as I have used it before and it is feature rich.

Just found there is a dark mode in the forum preferences I think it makes a huge difference in the look of the forum. Much more Trakt like.

Just click your avatar>username>preferences>interface>theme.

Edit: Or easier method click the three horizontal bars and choose light or dark under theme selector.


My first post here, really new to the app and still getting my head around it, so looking forward to getting the most out it.
I’ve used discourse on other forums and really like it, I don’t have any experience with " whatever Trakt.tv had previously" , so obviously can’t compare.

This type of forum is best utilised with community input, the more you put in, the more you get out.

I’m hopeful I can contribute and also get advice and knowledge from the community.

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Just give it time. Changes could be hard especially when it is a big change. Discourse is a nice piece of software. After some time you will not want to go back to the old forum :wink:


I already don’t want to aside from viewing archived posts, hopefully those can be imported.:crossed_fingers:

I really liked the look and feel of the old/legacy forums.

Sure, search was missing, but that was about the only thing I really missed.
Likes and hearts are nice too, but yeah, I didn’t specifically need it.

I really like the dark mode here though!

I think this forum software will just take some getting used to :slight_smile:


hell yeah! that was nice :+1:

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Yes, the old system stopped getting updates several years ago. We patched things and did some minor upgrades ourselves, but it was just becoming too much to manage for such a limited feature set.

Yeah, I agree with that too :smile:

The default is 10 votes looks like, but are open to increasing that as needed.

Unfortunately they can’t. The 2 systems are so different that we’re not able to port the data over. We spent a decent amount of time trying to do this, but ultimately it wasn’t working and we had to decide to start fresh.

In the future, I’m sure we’ll tweak the design to make it look more like the Trakt website. Discourse has a theming engine and we should be able to evolve the design.


Honestly once passing the tutorial and advanced tutorial, you get used to the new forum. But yeah on the first time launching it, it is kind of overwhelming.


this is a forum now, but discourse sucks. is a mess to see categories and such, all scrambled. is not “the top of the cream” as a forum by any mean.
I use discourse on some of the sites I visit and is one of the worst forum softwares out there.
Not easy to understand the categories for any not advanced user.

Discourse is definitely different than “old traditional forum softwares” which have existed 10+ years. However, I think this is much better than other boards.

What comes to clarity of the categories, which used to be the “only real view” in traditional forums, I don’t even use the categories view. Or if I use it, I only use it to get a view on what categories are there. Otherwise I’m only following the latest view. Discourse focuses on engaging users, e.g. by encouraging them to follow what’s happening on the whole community.

If you don’t want to follow some categories in the latest view, you can always mute them.

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im not new to discourse and i know how to use it properly, is not going to change my view on that is one of the worst forum software.

Thank you!