Mark multiple Episodes watched in sequential time

I often will binge watch multiple episodes of a show with short episode run times and totally forget to mark each episode as watched. Because of this my stats peak hours or days/weeks can be completely skewed since you either mark an entire season watched at the same time or you go down a line of episodes and marked watched with seconds in between each entry.

It would be AMAZING to be able to multi-select episodes and marked the, as watched but have the episode runtime factored in.

So rather than watching 2 back to back episodes of a 30 minute show show that they were both watched at 6:00… it would show one as watched at 6:00 and the second at 6:30.

I hope this makes sense! :sweat_smile:

@Watch_n_rant I am the same and my stats are all crazy just about how you explained in your post. Hopefully this could get some type of fix

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I hope I explained my idea to solve for the “all watched at the exact same time issue” makes sense. I have it in my head but typing it out it may have gotten lost in translation lol. :see_no_evil:

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It made sense to me. I was able to understand hence I was able to relate

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Yes, I would like this also.

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Yeah the only way I have found to fix this at the moment is by using scrubbing for things such as Plex Servers, I tend to watch all my episodes through that method most of the time. This saves me having to mark off the episode myself, sadly we don’t have scrubbing for every streaming service out there at the moment.

Could be a really cool feature to add in the future as it would make it easier to use Trakt without having to worry about manually marking it all of as much.


Yea unfortunately I don’t have any media on plex so no work around. womp womp

It would just be so awesome to make the multiple episodes you watched and set it to a specific start time to calculate each episodes start and end time that preceded it.

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I prefer the manual action because I don’t trust the automatic stuff Hahahha.

It would just be nice to have the option. I would want to mark the multiple episodes after watching not before.