Missing Artwork

Hi, I have been slowly but surely moving my watch history over from Hobi (TV) and Letterboxd (Movies). While doing this, I have come across four entries (so far) missing artwork. I uploaded a couple missing posters to TMDB in the 1:1.5 ratio while two of the entries already had posters.

the-dead-hate-the-living-2000 (poster already there)

chillicothe-1999 (uploaded)

a-climate-for-killing-1991 (uploaded)

queensryche-video-mindcrime-1989 (poster already there)

I was wondering what is the best way and procedure for making the missing artwork show up in TRAKT. Thanks in advance.

Typically Trakt syncs automatically with tmdb after a certain amount of time, so when you make changes on Tmdb, those changes usually take effect within a day or two, however older content seems to fall by the wayside (I’m guessing this is by design) and will require human intervention, by way of doing a manual data/image sync on the trakt website (VIP or Staff function only).

Also note changes made on Tmdb, can take anywhere from instant to a day to become availble for Trakt to sync with, so for example, if I make a change now, and manually sync, it may not necessarily go through immediately, and I may need to try again in a few hours or the next day for it to take effect.

I have synced the items you have listed above already, but depending on how long ago you added the images, they may not have stuck yet.

For me prior to becoming VIP, my method of of getting data/images refreshed if changes weren’t taking effect within a couple of days was to use the “report item” function on the Trakt website, selecting the data refresh option.


Like the user above said, normally the system syncs from time to time, but some items need to be manually refreshed.
You can use the ‘report item’ function within the website and ask for a data refresh if needed. Also, keep in mind that it takes a while for updates to show up when refreshing and the new images will only import if they are the most voted ones on TMDB.

Also, I looked at the movies you said and I noticed you made comments requesting someone to change the artwork. Please, do not use the comments section for these types of requests. You can ask for that when you report the item.

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Thanks to both of you! Sorry about the Comments. I went to delete them and someone had already beat me to the punch. I will definitely use the Report Item feature in the future. The artwork is now showing up for all four entries. Thanks again!