More Filter Options

Hi All,

It would be great if Trakt allowed more nuanced filtering on lists/collections. Currently I believe only limited filtering is possible such as date, genre, type (movie/show), and some meta data.

Additional options might include:
Filtering out by lists (use case: user has large collection, wants to filter out movies on certain user generated lists, user has large collection and wants to compare against a combination of user and community generated lists, user wants to see multiple lists in one screen)

Genre - allow multiple genres to be included or excluded. Use case: user has collection, is in the mood for Action, Adventure, or Comedy, currently has to look at multiple different screens to do this

Year - self explanatory, movie creation year

Movie Budget - sometimes a user just wants to watch a blockbuster movie independent of review

Avg rating (even more nuanced would be avg rating by friends)

Examples could go on and on

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