Advice for managing large watchlist

I’ve been using Trakt for a few years and my watchlist has grown to a point it is almost useless. I add and add and add to it and it continues to grow.

When the evening comes and I’m suddenly jazzed to see a comedy, It seems I can’t go to my watchlist and say, “show me all comedies ranked by blah on my subscription services, baby!! I’m ready to laugh!”.

At that point I am sad, quit out of Trakt, and just put on an old re-run of Sanford and Son. sad human noises

The website seems more adept at this than the iOS app and almost can do it, but I see no way to filter by genres in my watchlist. Am I missing something?

How do people manage and make a large watchlist useful? I could maintain a multitude of watchlists (“watch soon”, “comedies”, “might want to watch”, etc.), but that defeats the purpose of what most trait interfaces at the moment focus on, which is efficiently adding straight to the watchlist.

Thanks for any advice or techniques.


I think it would be great if we could add “personal notes” or something to an item in the watchlist. Then I could remember why I had put it on my list.


I was thinking something like that might be good too.

Tags and tag filtering could be a good companion to traditional lists. One could tag items and then filter on tags like “top-choice”, “weekend” “watch-soon”

I’d be happy with just genre filtering to start with as that seems like a big hole currently.

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Cinetrak (Android app) lets you filter your watchlist by genre.

You can filter by genre and by your list using the search function.just click on the magnifying glass and select films. then you can set filters

Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure where/what you mean.

Is your comment regarding the trakt web UI?

I rarely use the web site, preferring to use either Watcht or the official trakt mobile app. As an aside, as much as I want to like and use the official app, I find the Watcht app substantially more intuitive and useful/feature-rich.

At any rate, when I click the magnifying glass/search icon in the upper left on the trakt web UI, it’s just a blank box. I can click to the right of it to select “movies” only, but I don’t see a reference to “films”. Maybe that’s just a diction thing. If I select "movies’, nothing seems to happen. I still see nothing referencing genre anywhere.

How do I get “genres” to show up either in a global/generic search or, more specifically, in a given, personal list (namely my watchlist, which is what prompted this forum post)?

Here is info about filtering search by genre…

Thanks, @arcreactor ! That helps.

It seems this only comes up if I actually search for something, which defeats my purpose.

I just want to see comedies. I don’t want to search for something in particular. It seems I have to search for something (e.g., “batman”) to get access to advanced filtering.

What I originally asked is if I can do this (use advanced filtering) against only items in my own list/watchlist.

I want to see all comedies in my watchlist. It seems this isn’t possible?

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After assembling the worlds most lauded scientists and advisors, I figured out how to search my “listed” by genre!!11

Hey! It’s movie night at the old homestead and you feel like watching a comedy from the movies you’ve added to your lists. To search for possible comedies to watch across all your lists:

  1. Go to website (this won’t work anywhere else except possibly some 3rd party apps)
  2. Click the search field in the upper left
  3. Search for “nothing” - do not type anything to search for, just hit enter. This brings up the entire catalog (and is notably the most unintuitive part of this process).
  4. Click “Movies” on the left pane
  5. Click Filter (icon of eye with slash across it) and, in the “Hide” section, select “Watched” and “Unlisted”
  6. Click “Advanced” (icon of 3 slider thingies next to Filter icon)
  7. Click “Choose Generes”, click “Comedies”
  8. Click “Apply Filters”

Note: The “Chose Genres” filter list is not specific to the list of titles generated from the “search” results. It would be nice genres at this point were only to show available genres based on the search results. Or, failing that (and maybe a better choice?) would be to highlight genres actually in the search results.

Note 2: I don’t think it is possible to do this sort of search against a specific, custom list you’ve created.


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