Network bug

Noticing a bug for shows that aired across multiple networks where the networks don’t show up properly like they used to—it just defaults to the network the show currently airs on. This is visible on the pages for individual seasons. An example of the former would be the show Evil (2019), which began on CBS and eventually moved to Paramount+ and data on TMDB reflects this. It used to be that the first season said “Premiered September 26, 2019 on CBS”, but now it says “Premiered September 26, 2019 on Paramount+”. This bug can also be seen for shows like Community (2009), which now says “Premiered September 17, 2009 on Yahoo! Screen”, when it should say “Premiered September 17, 2009 on NBC”.

Worth noting is that the shows’ main pages still list the multiple networks (for instance, Community still says NETWORKS: NBC, Yahoo Screen!).

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I was about to report this as well. But, weirdly doesn’t happen always. “Lucifer” displays the information properly, for example. And it doesn’t default to the last network neither, just chooses one of them. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is an example of that.

Some other shows with the bug: (Season 1-5 Fox, Season 6-8 NBC)
Manifest - Trakt (Season 1-3 NBC, Season 4 Netflix)

Those have the information properly filled on TMDb too.

This currently needs to be handled by reporting the season so our moderator can fix it. TMDB has the info, but I will check if it’s available via their API for us to use automatically.

EDIT: looks like it’s not in their API yet, but is in development as of a few months ago. Once it’s added in, I’ll be able to automatically populate season level TV networks. Trello