News Mag shows often have bad season numbers

I’ve noticed TVDB seems to have issues with reporting correct season numbers. Two shows, 20/20 & 48 Hours, are off by a full season. I hit issues when Plex processes a recording or when Filebot fixes names. I have to manually go in and correct seasons. Then if I correct, it’s not going to pull proper show information in Plex.

Is there a better source out there for news programs? I have created a ticket here and on TVDB. They’ve had one report since April with no response. I’ve added to it last night when I found 48 Hours: Scott Peterson showing as S34E39 when it should be S33E39.

You could always move from Plex to KODI and start using .nfo files

I’ve used TVersity and Kodi. I don’t like those products. I have PlayOn but only use the record feature.

I’d prefer a multi-server product but I haven’t gone looking yet. I have two machines each with a quad card. A central server where it handles database tasks and scheduling of DVRs would be ideal.

Plex has a great Roku interface. The others, not so much.