Plex Scrobbler not syncing TV shows

I have recently added a new PMS to my setup after a complete server rebuild. I am finding that while my movies get populated in the collection list, my TV shows no longer do. Is there some sort of fix for this?

Hello. It seems that I have the same issue. New episodes are not added to my collection, but the plays are correctly populated (but maybe because I am using the Infuse player?).
I will check if it is the same for movies or not.

A clarification: it syncs recent shows (Dr. Who), but if I had an older show (Orville for example) to my plex, I do not see it in my Trakt collection. I am using the latest plex (

Just added a couple of old movies that I had not time to rip. They were all added to my collection.
So it seems I only have problems adding old tv series.

Since this is in the 3rd party forum, I assume you are using the old Plex plugin? If so, plugins aren’t officially supported by Plex as a few years ago so there isn’t any further development on that plugin unfortunately.

As a Trakt VIP, you have access to the web hook based Plex scrobbler here:

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