Plex Scrobbler

The Plex Scrobbler (still in beta) uses Plex Pass webhooks to scrobble what you’re watching, rating, and collecting in Plex. There have been some awesome 3rd party hosted tools like Plaxt (thank you!) that helped inspire us to make this a native Trakt feature. As you likely know, Plex is moving away from plugins and while they still work now, we don’t know if/when they’ll stop working altogether.

What can this do?

  • Scrobbling (movies, episodes)
  • Ratings (movies. shows, seasons, episodes)
  • Collections (movies, episodes)

What is missing?
Plex webhooks are a bit limited, so hopefully they’ll be expanded in the future and we’ll improve the Trakt Plex Scrobbler accordingly. I’ve requested some updates in this Plex forum topic.

  • Collection metadata (resolution, audio codec, audio channels, etc)
  • One webhook per episode or additional episode data in the show level webhook (it currently sends only one show level event which limits what we can do)


August 24, 2020

Configure the Plex scrobbler
Archived forum topic


If you use the new Plex Movie scraper, it sends a different ID format that we use to identify the movie or episode. Make sure you’re on at least version 1.20.1 of Plex Media Server and Trakt will have improved ID matching. More info in the Plex forums.

Just checking…
Am I the only one to find that my plex webhook/scrobbler is not working at all today?

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Mine isn’t working either. On it says that most recent event were 18 hours ago despite me watching stuff for the last few hours.

I know movie scrobbling doesn’t work right now because of the new plex agent.
Shows are working for me.

Add to collection never worked :man_shrugging:t2:

We pushed an update yesterday that supports the new Plex movie agent. Plex indicated you need at least version 1.20.1 of Plex Media Server for the update.

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I just pushed a fix and it should start working now.