Trakt not using data from Plex Scrobbler

How can I debug why Trakt isn’t picking up my Plex activity? I’ve followed the instructions, have the web hooks installed, and I can even see here that Plex is sending info to Trakt, but Trakt doesn’t seem to be acting on this data…

Plex has sent 54 events to your Trakt account. The most recent event was 2020 Nov 6 11:44 AM


I am having a similar issue however it is collecting my watched history but not any collection data.

Inside of Plex Media Server settings, view the log files. You can filter that by “trakt” to see if any error codes (non 200 status) are being logged. Those error codes help us diagnose the issues.

I too am having a similar issue, titles are no longer being collected.

Where do I see these logs in Plex? (Running Plex in QNAP)

2 different from me:
Webhook: Error delivering payload to…: 415
Webhook: Error delivering payload to…: 424

Looks like the same 2 that jborgs gets.
As mentioned above I actually get my play history to scrobble but I get nothing collected.

415 means the webhook sent an event we don’t use. For example, a music related event or live tv watching. Plex sends us webhooks for a lot of stuff, but we only use the ones mentioned in the Plex settings page.

424 means the webhook sent a non user based event. I’m not entirely sure what this is, but it’s a server level event and not tied to a specific user. We ignore these since they aren’t play or collection based.

So basically, those error codes should be safe to ignore since it’s data we just ignore. I’ll do some more testing next week with my own setup just to make sure the webhook format didn’t change from what we’re expecting.

Where can I find these logs?

I’d sure like to get this working!

Are my messages even visible here?

Yes they are.

Here is the Plex support article on accessing the logs:

Thank you. I could REALLY use some help here. I FINALLY found the logs (not easy - had to SSH into the QNAP, find the folder, which isn’t where the docs say it is, etc.)
Which log file am I looking for? What information do I need to find?

(Not sure why I’m paying VIP, certainly not getting any VIP service from Trakt on this!)

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The logs can be accessed in the Plex Media Server admin. This is how I’m able to view them.

Settings > Manage: Console > filter for: trakt

Thank you. Finally!

Ok, so what’s going on here?

Nov 16, 2020 23:44:09.401 [0x7fa463159700] Debug — HTTP requesting POST
Nov 16, 2020 23:44:09.909 [0x7fa463159700] Debug — HTTP 415 response from POST
Nov 16, 2020 23:44:09.910 [0x7fa463159700] Warning — Webhook: Error delivering payload to 415
Nov 16, 2020 23:44:10.562 [0x7fa4b2264700] Debug — HTTP requesting POST
Nov 16, 2020 23:44:10.917 [0x7fa4b2264700] Debug — HTTP 406 response from POST
Nov 16, 2020 23:44:10.919 [0x7fa4b2264700] Warning — Webhook: Error delivering payload to 406
Nov 16, 2020 23:44:12.330 [0x7fa463159700] Debug — HTTP requesting POST
Nov 16, 2020 23:44:12.657 [0x7fa463159700] Debug — HTTP 404 response from POST
Nov 16, 2020 23:44:12.658 [0x7fa463159700] Warning — Webhook: Error delivering payload to 404
Nov 16, 2020 23:44:13.093 [0x7fa463159700] Debug — HTTP requesting POST
Nov 16, 2020 23:44:13.553 [0x7fa463159700] Debug — HTTP 200 response from POST

(long strings shorted with … in the middle)

Getting proper 200 responses now, but still Trakt is not updating.

Nov 17, 2020 10:27:48.381 [0x7fa461fc5700] Debug — HTTP requesting POST
Nov 17, 2020 10:27:48.833 [0x7fa461fc5700] Debug — HTTP 200 response from POST

On Trakt I see:

Plex has sent 65 events to your Trakt account. The most recent event was 2020 Nov 17 10:51 AM.

Seems like Trakt is getting the data but not doing anything with it. e.g. I watched the 3rd episode of Black Monday on Plex, but Trakt still thinks I’m on episode 2.

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After the plex update I performed yesterday my collected has resumed scrobbling.
Watched never changed for me it was working the whole time.

Still no joy on my end. Plex is sending the data, Trakt isn’t updating because of that data.
Paid extra to Plex (Plex Pass) and to Trakt (VIP) for the sole purpose of having this work. It hasn’t worked in months! Maybe I’m doing something wrong or maybe the Plex/Trakt updating does work the way I’d hoped (keeping track of what episode I’m on, across devices) but again, that’s what I THOUGHT it was supposed to do and the main purpose of Trakt, in addition to letting me know when new episodes are aired… Sigh.

I’m in the process of trying to reproduce any issues, so far haven’t been able to. @Meestor_X have you tried installing the latest Plex Pass Media Server version to see if that helps?

The error codes above:

200 – This is a success code and what you want to see
404 – Trakt couldn’t match item (invalid or missing ID most likely)
406 – invald item (not a movie or episode)
415 – system event (not a scrobble or collection event) that we ignore

You mean the latest Plex server? (Plex pass is equivalent to Trakt VIP)
Yes, I have the latest. As I keep saying, Plex is sending data. Trakt isn’t doing anything with it.
So where are the Trakt logs?

You have access to beta versions of Plex Media Server as a Plex Pass member, it’s possible that has some bug fixes to help get this working.

For privacy reasons, we don’t store many logs. We store info when a 404 is encountered, which means we can’t match the item locally to a Trakt movie or episode. I see a few 404 errors for your account because those items aren’t scanned into the Plex library with the necessary IDs we need to match them.

The 200 success code could be for adding items to your collection, but I don’t think the Plex logs are detailed enough to know. I also see a recent “paused” activity, which means it was stopped before the 80% watched threshold.