Plex Trakt 2way Sync

What is everyone using to sync Plex with Trakt? I currently use the webhooks to update Trakt from my Plex and I was using Kitana with the plugin to sync the opposite way (Trakt to Plex), but somehow that broke and it’s telling me Plex account is missing the server token and I have no idea how I set it up back in the day or where to update the token…

So, in case anyone else has a similar issue, I used Unable to sync · Issue #611 · trakt/Plex-Trakt-Scrobbler · GitHub to piece together a solution.

I hardcoded my Plex token into the file and use the WebTools plugin to uninstall and reinstall the Trakt plugin, added the PLEX_SERVER_TOKEN as an env variable and restarted Plex and Kitana… Not sure which step caused it to start working, but I was able to due a Full Sync and some shows that I marked in Trakt as watched updated in my Plex…

You should look into this project - GitHub - Taxel/PlexTraktSync: A python script that syncs the movies, shows and ratings between trakt and Plex (without needing a PlexPass or Trakt VIP subscription)

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This project is really awesome. It even works better then the official way via webhooks!

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