Plex webhook hasn't been scrobbling since Monday

Just checked on my history on the site, seems like nothing has been tracked from the Plex webhook since late Sunday evening.

Not sure what part of the Plex logs I should be looking at to post here for help.

I turned on debugging for your account. Please let me know the next time you watch something and what it is, then I can check our logs.

In Plex, you go to Settings > Console > All Logs > filter for “trakt” in the box. If the web hook is working you should see entries and/or error messages. If you don’t see anything, please try removing the web hook and following the setup again.

I’m actually wondering if this is a Plex issue.
I don’t even use the webhook. I’m using the older Plex plug-in and that stopped scrobbling to Trakt a couple of days ago.
Infuse connected to Plex hasn’t scrobbles for the same period.
However using Infuse natively outside of Plex and everything scrobbles fine.

Plex dropped plug-in support a few years ago, so it’s possible they continued the process.

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So, I removed the webook, restarted Plex, added the webhook and restarted Plex again and it seems to have started scrobbling again.

Not sure why it decided to stop. Nothing has changed on my setup in months.

Yeah actually now I think about it I have both the webhook and old plug-in installed but the plug-in is only set to sync, so the scrobbling is purely from the webhook.
I guess the fact that I totally missed my Trakt VIP renewal email a couple of days ago would have indeed stopped the scrobbling. :joy:

So remiss of me. :weary:

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