Plex working with trakt. TV

Has anyone got Plex to work with trakt TV. I have installed the web hook for it and it don’t work and even tried the unofficial plugin and that don’t work l. Has anyone been able to get this to work. Thanks
Yes i have VIP

Does this show up for you?

Have you also followed the steps after adding the wehook in the plex settings page?
Plex Scrobbler - Trakt

Where do you see that. I am on trakt TV website and I don’t see it

It’s on the link I sent you above:

The page where you set up your plex settings.

No Sir all it is showing is good to set it up and my url that I suppose to put in Plex. Which I have done that

Did you also check this two steps:
Go to General settings, make sure Push Notifications are enabled.
Go to Network settings, make sure Webhooks are enabled.

They are settings on your plex.

Yes sir I did that

They are checked

One thing I always do with mine is removing the webhook and adding it again. Then I restart plex and play some random thing, just to check if it is scrobbling. See if that works for you too.
Also, make sure the scrobbler settings are correctly marked on the trakt settings page I sent you above.

If that still doesn’t work, please, contact support at

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That’s what the page still says

May I ask you something just to make sure I am understanding everything correctly

Yes, go ahead.

Hope you got my email

When you start watching an episode it should starts scrobbling. That means it should show up in your profile as if you are watching it. Once you finish the episode, it should be added to your history.

Like this:

We can’t get old data from plex with the webhook, only new data.

There is a unofficial plugin to sync past history:

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