Possible way to recover some lost plays

Just a heads up for later… for anyone still missing plays in their history. After everything that could be is restored.

If you had been having Trakt auto add plays to history when you rate something, and have been using that feature to mark as watched and rate at the same time you can use your rating page to cross reference with your history.

I personally am going to be able to fully restore my history regardless because of this.


Yes a good find indeed. I will be able to fully recover my watched history using this and by doing TV manually.
Curious will this leave me with double watches of things next week when the last of the data is supposed to return?

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I am not sure, personally I am going to wait and see before I fix anything.

Thx but that is not always an option for me.
When i watch shows i pre rate episodes and change if its better or worse than my first impression.
I watch one episod then rate the rest.
May work better with Movies.
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Agree also curious about double plays. Later When app upp again.

In my view
Website sucks When tracking etc.
App rules!

Yes you will. Had been mentioned in other threads. They are still filling more missing information data so it’s better to wait it out.

They could’ve just kept the website down while they worked on it. But I think people are would be even more disappointed with that move and complaining that it all takes too long.

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