Prioritize items in a list

I don’t know if this has already been proposed, but it could be really cool to be able to select items from lists to recommend/prioritize.
Let’s say I create a list of 200 items from a specific genre or production company and I want to indicate that 10 of them are must-see or classics. For the time being, I’d either have to create a new list, explain and quote in the description or put them in recommendations, but then there’d be no link with the specific list.
A visual way to see must-see items directly in a list would be, for example, a small star in an upper corner. We could even correlate this with a filter that shows only those must-see items in the list.
It’s up to you to decide whether it’s a good idea and feasible.
Thanks for your consideration!

The “rank” order is designed for you to order your top items up first. Not exactly what you’re asking, but if you place that items in the top slots and make rank the default order, you could put a line in the list description saying the top 10 items are your absolute must see.

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