Watchlist priority and autoremove when watched

I have a long watchlist, one of those that’s impossible to finish in a lifetime.
In order to simplify the ordering of items by priority I would suggest adding a “counter” which can be used to track how many times I’ve searched for a specific item (or in general be used to prioritize according to any criteria); the Watchlist would then be ranked by the value of this counter (falling back to rank or date added).
Second feature that could be added is a option to remove items when watched from any list, not just the Watchlist.

Interesting idea on the first one, but I think that would be too much data to store and not be super useful for the performance trade off.

I’ve thought about have auto remove on other lists besides the watchlist. I will need to look into that more and see if we can support that.

About the auto-remove from other lists when watched, I wouldn’t make it a default feature (but it could be a setting for the user to turn it on). It makes the most sense to have the auto-removal feature on a Watchlist (because … well, the name of the list says what its purpose is) but for other lists I guess it would be better to just let the user handle if they want it to act as a Watchlist or not.


The counter could be manual, so that it’d basically only store an extra number next to the list item.

An alternative option could be to easily show rank position of an item already in a list in the search interface, so that rank can be edited easily; I feel at the moment ordering lists is kind of a pain to do.

" I feel at the moment ordering lists is kind of a pain to do."
You create a list and chose which order to view it in, how is that a pain to do?
Personally all my lists are in alphabetical order otherwise I have to scroll through hundreds of entries to find a film.